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Shadow on Concrete Wall

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By clicking on each image you access the shopping menu. Each image can be printed on canvas or paper, as well as on products such as T-shirts, phone cases or mugs. You can choose the whole image or just a part of it. ORDER A PRINT is the one who manages the printing, shipping and customer support. The company has beeen in operation since 2005.


*Note that the signature MORENO is just a watermark, it WILL NOT appear on the printed products.


**As a thank you to my customers, the original oil paintings already sold are available on all products except reproduction on canvas.

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This is my animated short film, something experimental. It was premiered in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it a Neo Noir story (Ther is an ARTicle I wrote about Film Noir). I did it with ink and watercolor drawings, wich I then photographed witha DSRL camera and animated frame by frame. For only $0.99 you can support me to continue creating new content. Thanks!

*English subtitles.