It is a Neo-Noir story made with cutouts of ink and watercolor drawings, then photographed frame by frame. In 2019 it was premiered in Buenos Aires, at the ANIMA Latina festival, in addition to winning the regional category of the FICTON LAG festival, in Torreón Mexico. I did it in 2018, it took about a year, however I had many more in the pipeline. I am writing an article about it. If you subscribe to my mailing list I will be happy to share the information with you when it is finished. You can see the short film for 99 cents of Dollar and support me to carry out the next project. I thank you in advance for your support and all your comments will be well received and taken into account.

*English subtitles

Art machine 2019

Grateful to Michaela Zingerle and Karin Holenka who invited me to participate in this great project, along with other artists. It consisted of creating small pieces that would go inside cigarette boxes and placed in a vending machine in the main square of Pöllau, Austria. An extremely original idea.